Our Makers

This is what Makernow is really all about, our community of Makers. 

All you need to do to become a member is to attend a lab and equipment induction (look on the calendar for equipment specific sessions on Fridays).  To see who are current members are and what they have been up to, click on their profiles below -

I am a visual/public artist who specialises in designing permanent features in the built environment. I use techniques of drawing, printmaking and painting for initial ideas which are then translated and fabricated into large scale features in public spaces. I work, from both Reading, Berkshire and my studio with Bow Arts in East London. At present as part of an Arts Council Grant I am working with Katie Bunnel as my mentor who introduced me to Makernow Lab. Using digital processes I am making samples that can be applied to expand my current practice and ways of working. To view more of my work please visit www.bhajanhunjan.com

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Hanging around makernow is fantastic for people like me who enjoy to hack stuff, shrinking arduinos, "sudo rm -R /" raspberry pi's, build sensors, transmit data, put technology into amazing boxes and do all sorts of things with children, friends and people around the world.

I'm a linux and open source technology passionate. Check out more about my work on open source ....   www.spatial-ecology.net

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Having completed a four year master in Renewable Energy Engineering, I'm now enrolled on the Sustainable Design MFA with Falmouth, using both design and engineering skills to develop products and exhibits that aim to improve awareness of energy and energy use.

I also work with local engineering design firm Concept Shed (www.conceptshed.com).

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Esther Smith Jewellery and Automata

I'm a jeweller and recent convert to the art of making automata.  My favoured medium is metal but the illustrative side to automata has brought me to the lasercutter where I have been experimenting with cutting intricate shapes in plywood.  

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 I am currently on the MFA course where I'm exploring writing and visual art.

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I am a Jewellery Designer, currently studying for an MFA.

I have an interest in all new technology and innovation, so currently exploring what forms of technology can aid and/or improve my design process.

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Graphic Designer, currently studying on the MFA course. 

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