Our Makers

This is what Makernow is really all about, our community of Makers. 

All you need to do to become a member is to attend a lab and equipment induction (look on the calendar for equipment specific sessions on Fridays).  To see who are current members are and what they have been up to, click on their profiles below -

My name is Steve Wintercroft and since 2013 my wife, Marianne and I have been designing and supplying unique masks to creative people and festival goers around the globe. 

By nature I am obsessively creative and starting making things as a kid with my granddad. I studied Art and design, then furniture studies and have been designing and building custom surfboards since i was a teenager. I've worked as a cabinet maker but have spent most of my time as a full time surfboard shaper.

Lab User

 I spent my paid working time building computer systems for other people. Big systems, small systems, big customers, small customers. But now I can focus on projects that interest me. These typically are using Arduino technology to read sensors and do interesting (to me anyway) things.

I have programmed in most common languages but am happiest with C and its various derivatives.

I'd be interested in teaming up with anyone who has an interesting project but who feels they could do with some collaborative input on the computing side.

Lab User

course coordinator foundation studies. Designer maker with interests in a wide range of materials including fabrics, paper and metals. Making in both 2 and 3 dimensions.

Lazer cutting and digital production tecniques of interest in own paractice and as information for a wide range of specialisms embraced by foundation studies - usefull for advising students about production and future carears.

Architecture Graduate, Living and working in St Ives currently.

Lab User

Graphic Design BA(hons) student, designer and maker at heart.

Lab User

James Bristow
A recent graduate of Sustainable Product Design, I enjoy all aspects of the design process; research discovery, idea generation and realising a 3D solution. Exploration of materials and digital manufacturing equipment has captivated my attention and has helped me to develop a broad range of transferable skills, necessary in taking a product to market.

Arduino Level 1CNC Level 1Cutting/PlottingElectronics Level 1Lab User

Currently involved in architectural design and model making, and looking to use the lab to develop my skills.

Laser Cutting Level 1

I am a semi-retired design engineer and am now exploring my artistic and creative interests.
I am now designing and producing jewellery and stained glass at the Penzance School of Art, where I am enjoying transferring my technology skills to these areas, but I also like exploring and applying the traditional techniques as developed by the "Masters" of these techniques.

3D PrintingCNC Level 1Lab UserLaser Cutting Level 1

I am an artist and maker exploring digital processes to enable me to embed them into my practice. My current project is a collaboration with a mathematician; we are looking at creating artistic interpretations of mathematical models and simulations that predict climate change.

Arduino Level 1Electronics Level 1Lab UserLaser Cutting Level 1