Our Makers

This is what Makernow is really all about, our community of Makers. 

All you need to do to become a member is to attend a lab and equipment induction (look on the calendar for equipment specific sessions on Fridays).  To see who are current members are and what they have been up to, click on their profiles below -

*Trying to find my way back into making after gap, since MA Contemporary Crafts.

Possibly setting up a concrete sign making business, so trying out various fonts cut (on the laser-cutter) in melamine, for patterns to hot-wire out of blue craft foam. These will then be used as formers/moulds to cast in concrete, making samples to photograph for website, and iron out any production problems along the way ...which will ultimately give me a quality end product. This is phase one.

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Hi! I am a PhD researcher in the field of Photovoltaic Solar Cells. I work within the CEMPS college of Exeter University and spend my time at thye Penryn Campus.

I am into designing and making, and bespoke solutions to research problems

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Technologist Expert Consultant
Jowan Parker is a learning technologist, with many years of experience of technically supporting projects with a broad skill base that includes both hardware and software development. Within his various roles at Falmouth University and his personal practice he has developed interactive devices that required an in depth understanding of interfaces, networks, programming and electronics.

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Digital Media Student, Falmouth University.

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Responsive Web Design, SEO and Usability are what I've been involved with the last 10 years or so - and before that it was Product Design and manufacturing my own products - but my over-riding passion now is in designing and protoyping a completely new type of off-the-grid home - The Ekinoid Project - http://www.ekinoid.com/ - and I hope to carry this forward a little more with the help of the team, the makers and facilities at Makernow.

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Product design graduate, currently working in the engineering sector.
I want to use the make lab to work on personal projects and hopefully collaborate with others.

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Journeyman Furniture was established in 2003 as a bespoke furniture design and craftsmanship business.
We produce everything from individual heirloom pieces to entire state-of-the-art room schemes for residential and commercial clients across the UK and beyond. Sustainable certificated timber is our main medium, although we use a variety of materials.
All our projects are created to exacting standards, embracing both traditional and modern techniques of craftsmanship. From original concept to delivery, we will manage your project professionally and personally, collaborating with other design professionals and craftspeople wherever required.
We believe that good furniture design is not just about how a piece looks, but how it functions and how the people who use it day-to-day interact with it. At Journeyman, we fuse design, craft and art to create furniture to suit any requirement and technology.

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