Dice coasters


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Steph Comley


The initial aim was to refresh myself on how to use the laser cutter as it had been a while since the indcution. We play a of games at home and having a dice around is always handy! I love items that have more than one use so decided to create a dice that came apart into coasters.

I used the MakerCase site to create the cube design which worked out the dimensions needed to ensure the finger-joins met up correctly for the cube to be stable. In hindsight although I allowed for the 0.2mm kerf I would have increased this slightly as the cube was a perfect fit making it hard to remove the sides for use as coasters. To compensate I sanded down inbetween the finger joins.

The quote on the dice is from George Bernard Shaw, 'We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing'.

The coasters were given a felt backing to prevent slip and coated with a waterproof wood protector, finished off with varnish (which incidentally I should have let dry more before stacking as the felt stuck slightly!)

Illustrator file attached.