Dissertation - Front and back covers


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Jo Bury

As part of my Silversmithing and Jewellery degree I recently submitted my dissertation, which was titled 'Investigating New 3D Technology in Body Adornment; the Potential of Mass-Customisation in Contemporary Jewellery'. As my whole research project was about new 3D technology I wanted to use elements of it in the presentation of my dissertation, so I laser cut the title on the front cover, laser cut my name and relevant information on the back page, laser-engraved a small pattern and 3D printed my name.

Illustrator file - front cover, text and positioning of 3D name.
Illustrator file - back cover, text and engraved pattern.
3D file - name in Rhino.
Name being printed on the Up! printer.
Finished print. Although the image appeared solid on screen it was the outline that printed and changing the density didn't seem to fill the print, although difficult to tell on such narrow gaps, I will experiment with this further in future trials.
Front page - laser cut perfectly, I had to re-arrange the stencil text to have at least 1-2mm between lettering so there was no weak points.
Back page - laser cut perfectly, again I had to re-arrange the text, particularly difficult with the small text at the bottom, but managed to get away with 0.8-1mm distance. Engraving worked well too.
Finished dissertation - bound with bright card behind to show the lettering clearly.