Engraved acrylic jewellery with colour


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Jo Bury


As additional ranges for my jewellery final collection, I wanted to experiment with adding colour which worked perfectly on the engraved pieces, however, when I wanted to engrave and laser cut areas this became problematic as the colour would seep into all the small cut out sections making finishing the pieces really difficult.

I tried several solutions, one was to engrave, then add the colour, then laser cut which worked well once I used a datum mark to regulate positioning, however, as I had to remove the protective layer to add the colour this created a fogging mark around the cuts which if I was to polish away would start to affect the colour.

I then tried adding the colour on top of the protective layer but when this was removed it pulled some of the colour away and didn't have a professional finish.

At this stage I sought advice from Justin who recommended a large roll of tape, which I could use to create a new protective layer after adding the colour and this worked perfectly.

Black acrylic laser engraved pieces with brass enamel paint added which works well.
Black acrylic sample which has been engraved, removed, protective cover removed, colour added and then put back into the laser cutter to cut out the rest of the pattern.
Here is the result, colour in tact, however, a slight fogging around the cut lines.
Black acrylic sample which has been engraved, removed, colour added onto the protective layer and then put back into the laser cutter to cut the rest. This didn't have a great result.
Full set laser cut only around the outer edge and all engraving done, removed, protective layer removed, colour added..
..then here I have covered the set with tape to act as a new protective layer..
..cut around the edges..
.. and placed back into the laser cutter to have all the cut areas cut out.
Here is the complete set laser cut.
Here is the small neck piece with the protective layer being removed to reveal bright red against the gloss black.. success!