'A Flying Contradiction' - jewellery design competition


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Jo Bury

I recently entered a jewellery design competition for Cornish Goldsmiths, the brief was to design a seven piece suite of jewellery using Cornwall as the inspiration behind the collection. The designs that I submitted were based on a geometric abstract version of the pattern within the feathers of the wing of the Cornish Chough.

The competition was purely design based but as I wanted to experiment with 3D printing and rapid prototyping techniques in future projects, I felt that this would be a good place to start from scratch using 3D modelling software and realising a 3D object using the machinery available within the Makernow lab.

Initial necklace design board for the competition.
3D file with surfaces extruded by 0.7mm to give depth to the design in Rhino.
3D file with a flat base - created by extruding the surfaces downward and slicing using the ‘wire cut’ tool in Rhino.
3D file turned on its side with support that also acts as a base layer for the 3D printer to build upon.
First partly successful print of model with flat base, it appears to be connecting areas that I didn't intend, so quite a rough appearance, I need to clean my 3D model.
First partly successful print of upright model, it wouldn't print previously as 0.7mm is too thin, this I quickly extruded to 1.1mm and areas of the print seemed to work, 3d model needs cleaning, I think I over complicated the model as it was my first time.
The lab recommended I try Google sketch up which was very easy to use...
.. and the first print was a success.