Narrative Book Box: Tests


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I am currently working on a narrative project where I have too design a book for a personal story stemming from an act of loss, luck, risk or guilt, my own book is based on guilt.

I wanted a box with a lid in which this book was too go in and to do this I believed laser-cutting this box would allow me to create the best box with the available resources to me. It can fit the book snuggly and I can customise the visuals of the box.

At the current stage I have run tests of fitting and patterns, awaiting the next wednesday to cut out the final box design.

The wood used was 3mm Laser Plywood, 600mm x 400mm

First Cut: Cutting out the first box edge fix
Holding the corner together
A piece to test cutting and etching the same pattern
Another cut of the corner with a pattern to be spray painted later on
All the pieces cut while I was at Makernow
Front of Photo Etchings
Back of Photo Etchings
Pieces on the cardboard after their first coat of Black Plastikote Satin spray point
Closer view of a piece (I masked half of the pieces to compare and contrast the natural wood with the paint)
The vectors I used to cut out some of the pieces