Peace by Piece


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Sam Jones

"Language does not have the ability to signify all human mental states; those suffering from anxiety or depression frequently find themselves unable to communicate such maladaptive psychological mindsets. To assist in conveying such mindsets, my major production portfolio project, Peace by Piece, delivers an alternative mode of communication to enable the self-expression of complex emotional states. Peace by Piece achieves this by providing a communicative platform which allows users to learn, realise and share a unique symbolic language which assists with realising the state of mindfulness. By combining symbols which represent various mindful components, new methods of reflective thinking can be explored and then utilised as a functional mindfulness exercise."

By using the laser cutter, clear acrylic and ply wood, I created a box container with a living hinge. Inside the container, 6 'viewfinders' were made by stacking up layers of plywood and clear acryilc. Viewfinders can contain up to 3 acrylic lenses, each with unique engraved symbols on them. LEDs were added to the box to enhance the user experience.

Complete kit
Clear acrylic 'lenses' with LED lights
Overall box container
Viewfinder structure
Living hinge