'Straight Edge' jewellery collection


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Jo Bury

As part of my degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery I experimented with different materials and technologies. Laser cutting acrylic turned out to be one of my main successes.

The central design to my final collection was this set of jewellery that used as much of the material as possible, a large circular design that contains a large neckpiece as the outer circle, within this is a small neckpiece with two pop out earrings, within this is a spiral shaped bangle and the central piece as a brooch.

The design is inspired by tattoo designs and through using the clear acrylic the concept is that the engraved lines project a pattern or 'tattoo' onto the skin that can be adorned but also removed.

Original Illustrator file, black lines indicating where is to be engraved and the red lines indicating where is to be cut.
Illustrator file opened in ApS-Ethos, the laser cutter software, colours assigned to engrave and cut-through settings.
Initial test on card, worked perfectly. Outcome very delicate due to the amount of card removed as part of the design.
Next test using 3mm glass look green acrylic.
Full set with the protective layer removed in stages which gives different effects.
Full set once formed using a hot air gun and various mandrels.
Full set laser engraved and cut out of black acrylic.
Full set in black acrylic photographed staggered to display all the different pieces, including a large neckpiece, smaller neckpiece with pop out earrings, bangle and a brooch.