Trying to making letter formers to use as concrete sign moulds


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Kate Milan


Trying to find a way of producing my letter formers (used in making up sign moulds) independantly, rather than relying on university or another company to laser cut my letters out, and so reducing my production costs.

I have had several differrent fonts cut now from 1.8 mm Melamine, successfully.

Sadly, after much practice, and altering the position of the wire on the hot -wire foam cutter, the letters are still not coming out perfect. There is drag on each letter which is distorting the blue foam, and melting the finner sections.

I tried reducing the thickness of the blue foam down to 20 mm and cutting two for each letter, which could then be stuck together, to get the 40 mm height that i need. Still melting and dragging...

I have put the hot-wire under more tension in the hope that it will not drag so much but it doesn't seem to make enough difference.

Thinking of cutting out the letters on an electric fret saw or scroll saw next ....even though it would be time consuming... 

...letters/embellishments to be cut out of 1.8 mm melamine, on laser-cutter, then pinned on to 40 mm blue foam, it is then cut out using a hot-wire foam cutter.
A sheet of melamine being laser cut ...the font is Myriad Pro at 400 pt.
Once cut out, this embellishment will be stuck to the base of a sign mould ...before recycled-glass concrete is poured over ...and vibrated/teased down into the small gaps between letters and embellishments.
This is an example of a sign mould all set-up and ready to pour.