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Oliver Hatfield

'Makernow at the House of Lords'

Makernow have been working alongside other Fablabs in the UK to support the 'We Made it' competition, 2014 instigated by http://www.dods.co.uk. Makernow produced a working prototype of the 'Glow Liner' a Luminous bag liner concept for Beth Cargill from Gresham school, one of the national winners. The prototype was exhibited at an event held at the Houses of Parliament on the 12th March, 2014, where she was presented with her award.


Beth’s initial design sketches of her Luminous bag liner.
Using a combination of EL wire for illumination, conductive Velcro for the switch and battery pack we produced the bag liner prototype.
The finished bag liner. An electrical connection is made when the bag is opened, the zipper acts as the switch by making contact with two battery terminals closing the circuit and turning on the device.
The luminous liner allows you to clearly see the contents of your bag.
Beth's prototype and presentation stand at the Houses of Parliament on the 12th March, 2014.
Congratulations to Beth wining her award.