Jowan designed a postcard synth that visitors could make as part of our Lab workshops held during Cornwall's Open Studios Week in June 2013. 



This synth uses uses a light sensitive LDR and a trim pot to allow you to adjust the tone and pitch of the (rather quiet) output.
We used our cutter plotter to cut out the copper foil circuitry, based on a vector file created in Illustrator.
The foil that is unwanted can be peeled of and discarded/recycled.
Lift off tape (big low tack masking tape) is stuck to the copper.
Once backing sheet has been peeled of the copper foil circuit and backing tape can be stuck to any non-conductive base layer (e.g. a postcard) and the lift-off tape removed.
Soldering parts to the copper foil.
Finished postcard with 3V penny battery closing the circuit under the bulldog clip.
Max and his finished synth made during our open workshops.


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