Who, What and Why?

Who We Are & What We Do

Makernow is a digital fabrication laboratory (FabLab). As a resource of people and digital equipment Makernow aims to inspire and support individuals, communities or businesses who want to use digital tools to achieve their goals. Whether it’s a prototype product, a one-off artwork, a device to solve a local or personal problem, Makernow can help. We provide a creative and open environment to learn and make, we have a team of skilled and experienced practitioners providing expertise from design and craft through to electronics and programming. 
See: Kit, Capabilities and Prices section for detail of what hardware and software you can access.

The Fab Lab Community

Born as an outreach project of the Center for Bits & Atoms at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Fab Labs, and more recently Maker Spaces, have spread across the world, with activities ranging from technological empowerment to local problem-solving and grass-roots research. We are part of this international Network and are committed to the Fab Lab Charter
Makernow developed out of the Autonomatic research group and is a Falmouth University AIR project part funded through the ERDF and the ESF.

How We Work With You

Makernow aims to be as inclusive as possible and provides support and access to individuals, community groups, and commercial businesses. To do this, our facilities are available via alternative platforms depending on your requirements. 
These are: 
FREE : We want to build a community of makers who learn with, and from, each other, sharing what they have learnt. Therefore you can access equipment free and only pay for materials and other consumables if you document you process on our website and share your files here under a Creative Commons License.
PAID: For those of you who require their commercial IP rights protected we offer a range of packages. If you have been inducted into the use of equipment you can rent access on an hourly basis.
See: Kit, Capabilities and Prices for details.
If you wish to hire both equipment and staff to undertake some R&D or undertake a job for you then rates for this can also be found in Kit, Capabilities and Prices
If you are an entrepreneur or recent start-up wanting to develop a product or artefact and control your IP, but cannot afford to hire our services, then Makernow can still help. Contact Us to discuss the range of business support schemes you can access.